Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Class Rank

Hey all, Walter's class rank came out today. He was ranked 156 in a class of 527. That put him in the top 29% of his class and his GPA was 2.965. Go Walter.

Graduation Photo

Walter receiving his diploma on June 8. This is a still shot taken from the television broadcast of the graduation.

Humanities 100

Dean begins taking his second humanities class this evening. The focus of this semester is art, music, and literature. From the syllabus that the professor has already posted it will be a great class.

Behind the Wheel

Miss Danielle began her first of seven days of behind the wheel drivers education this morning. She did a great job and is looking forward to finishing it up next week.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Graduation Photos

We've been waiting over a week now for the photos of the graduates to be posted on the LifeTouch website. We'll here's their explanation as to why they are not available:

Manchester grad 05 graduation ceremony GOOD NEWS--numerous candids are uploaded. However, there was a shutter malfunction w/ the crossing stage handshake pics. We are pursuing a fix through digital video still shots. WE ARE TRULY SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE & DISAPPOINTMENT. Please keep checking the site.

Looks like I'll be trying to get a photo off the rebroadcast of the graduation off the cable channel.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Father's Day

Dean was prepared a delightful oriental dinner this evening by Walter as a Father's Day gift. It was a fantastic meal of stir-fried chicken, shrimp and vegetables over fried rice with egg rolls. There were even stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer.

Yum, yum....culinary arts classes paid off!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Team Party

The Cardinals had their team party tonight. The boys had a great time swimming. The coaches reviewed the players performance during the playoffs. Sean had the highest OnBaseAverage for the team. He got on 18 times - base on balls. WOW!!

The Coaches awarded the boys season trophys and their CLL Major Division National League Champion trophy. The boys sat down and signed 12 baseballs, one for each member of the team. What a great way to end the season.

2005 Trophys
CLL World Series; CLL National League Championship
Team Participation; Series Game Ball

End of the School Year

We have finally reached the end of the school year. Walter graduated on the 8th and has moved into his full-time employment. Danielle completed her final exam in French, ending her exams and school year. Sean having graduated the 5th grade is also done for the year.

The bunchkins will have the opportunity to sleep late in the morning and for the next few weeks.

Congratulations to all.

You each did a great job and I'm proud of you.

5th Grade Graduation

This morning Sean participated in his 5th Grade Graduation Ceremony. He is now officially a rising 6th grader. He got his report card and he was able to bring up six of his grades by at least two letter grades each. Way to go Sean.

A hug from Mrs. Davis after receiving his 5th Grade Graduation Certificate.

Sean poses for pictures with his teacher, Mrs. Davis, and school principal, Mr. Beatman.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

A Tribute to Wee Cockreal

Wee Cockreal passed away today (June 14, 2005) in my hands.... I think he had a heart attack. I miss him so much already. I didn't want him to die yet. He was way too young. He was only 1year 9months old. I loved him so much, I didn't want him to leave me like this. I guess he must have died peacefully because I was there and he wasn't alone.. I've had him since he was about 4weeks old. And he's been my "puppy" ever since. Reason he was my puppy was because he acted just like a dog would. He snorted when he liked something and licked everyone. He was the best. Always there for me when I was down and always waking me up right on time at 5:30 in the morning. And always happy to see me when I got home in the afternoon even if it was real late at night. He went almost every where with me. To Walmart, petsmart, baseball games, Ben Franklins, Everywhere. He was my baby and I always thought of him as that and nothing less. He use to chase the hamster around my room and try to attack him in his ball. He would ride in my pocket just about everywhere except when we got close to his cage then he was eager to jump out and get food. He was so well behaved. Came when he was called, house broken, didn't chew on my sheets on my bed, he hung out with me when I was layin in bed watching tv, even though he hated baths he stuck through them just so he could be close to me again. He never wanted to be far from me. Like when I would put him on the floor and I'd sit on my bed he would jump up onto my bed just so he could be near me. In all honesty he was spoiled rotten. He was so spoiled he would get mad at me just for touching another rat. I miss him so much. He was one in a million. I don't think I could ever replace him. He was just too much like my child for me to do that. I'm gonna hate to wake up in the morning and he won't be there to greet me, or harass me. He was a good friend, and I will miss him greatly. I'm not sure how hard it will hit me tomorrow when I wake up and say good morning Wee Cockreal and he not be there anymore. But we will see as that come. I'm gonna miss him, I already miss him. I just wish he wouldn't have died on me. It was so unfair. I needed him around so much. Well I know that there will be no way that I could deal with getting another rat. It just wouldn't be the same. -- Danielle

Monday, June 13, 2005

CLL World Series Champions

This evening the Cardinals played the Orioles for the 2005 CLL Major League World Series Champion. The score was Cardinals 4 - Orioles 0. It was a tight game. The game remained scoreless until the 4th inning. Going into the 6th inning the score was 1-0. The Cardinals scored 3 terrific runs and held the Orioles to no runs. What a shut out, pitched for all 6 innings by Adam Meeker.

And the winners are the Cardinals. Sean and his World Series trophy.

2005 CLL Major Divison World Series Champions

Full Time Employment

Walter begins his first day of full-time employment this morning with Timmons Group working with a surveying group.

Walter ready to head out for the day.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

CLL National League Champions

The team did a fantastic job this evening winning the CLL National League Championship. The score was 4 to 3. The Cardinals held the Mets to 3 runs in the 6th inning. Our pitchers did an awesome job, as did the rest of team in batting and fielding.


And that's the game. The Cardinals win!!!!

2005 CLL Major Division National League Champions

The team will be facing the CLL American League Champions the Orioles on Monday night at 6:00 p.m.

Meet Jake the Snake

Sean & Dean went fishing this afternoon, and this is what they caught!

Jake sitting in Sean's lap.

Sean with Jake

Final Grades Are In

Dean's final grades are in for his Origins of Western Culture class, drum roll please......
an A.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Cardinals vs Mets Playoffs

The boys pulled off a fabulous victory this evening. They won 14 to 3. The team will be playing the Mets again tomorrow evening at 5:30 for the National Division Championship.

The boys enjoy cooling down after the game.

Thursday, June 9, 2005

It's Back

Walter picked up his car from the shop today. It's back home where it belongs. The quote of the day..."it's not drippy any more!"

Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Cardinals vs Dodgers Playoffs

The Cardinals won! 4 to 5. It was a great game. Sean scored a run, as he was crossing homeplate he slipped and fell, but hopped up and kept on going.

The boys now play the Mets on Friday night at 6 p.m.

The team lined up after the game to watch while the Dodgers were awarded playoff pins.


Walter finally made it through graduation. We got to the Seigel Center around 1:15, graduation began promptly on time at 2:30. The speeches were short and to the point, some even entertaining. The large graduating class (560+), were quickly dispatched across stage and we were out of the building by 4:30. Amazing - anything that has to do with the school system that is actually on time.

Walter, just after receiving his diploma.

Tassel turning time.

New Graduate!

"Rained Out"

Our game last night was "rained out" sort of, there was thunder and lightening so the boys weren't able to play the game. It has been rescheduled for tonight at 7:00 p.m.

Sean waiting for his turn in the batting cage.

Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Cardinals vs Marlins Playoff Game

We won! 9 to 4. The team goes on to play again on Tuesday night against either the Dodgers or Mets.

On Sean's first turn at bat he hit a single and brought in a runner to score our team's first run of the game. He made a fabulous catch in left field, Out! Way to go. There was an interesting play later in the game where he was blocked by the short stop (runner interference), but the umpires didn't see it. Oh well, the rest of the game went well the guys all were energized, and they pulled it off.

Way to go Cardinals!!!!

Sean up to bat.

Monday, June 6, 2005

Walter Earns A Letter

Walter scores a Varsity Letter for Track as his final parting gift from high school. Way to go Walter!!!!

Varsity Letter Certificate

Walter's Car Less

Poor Walter, he is car less until the shop is finished with its repairs. But...it was a condition that he himself requested. The little "baby" GEO will be home from the doctor some time before Friday of this week. Of course, Walter will be "poorer" for it.

The empty parking spot. All lonely without the Geo.

Sunday, June 5, 2005

Cardinals vs Cubs Playoff Game

Our second playoff game today was against the Cubs. We had a hot day for it. The temperatures reached the upper 80's and the kids were extremely hot. We kept the boys cooled off with wet towels and drinks.

The boys won 4 to 3, with Wynton bringing in the winning run. We play tomorrow night against the Marlins.

... and the team rejoices. Congratulating Wynton on his great hit.

The winning run comes home.

Sean hitting a nice one between first and second base.

Watching the game from the bench.

Saturday, June 4, 2005

Cardinals vs Marlins Playoff Game

The guys lost the first playoff game. 6 to 10. They will be playing their second game on Sunday afternoon at 3:00. They will be playing the losing team from the Dodgers vs. Cubs game.

After game review session.


Pregame warm ups.

Little League Playoff Games

The Little League Playoffs begin this afternoon. Our schedule today is really up in the air. We play our first game this afternoon against the Marlins. If we win, we will be playing a second game this evening at 7:45. WOW! Either way we will be playing a game on Sunday as well.

Friday, June 3, 2005

Camping Trip

Walter is heading out this afternoon to go camping in Brandywine, WV. He is going with a group from Timmons. He'll be riding up with his Uncle and cousin.

Hopefully they won't have to contend with too much bad weather.

Sophomore Award Ceremony

Danielle receives her academic letter, from Mr. Koste - principal, in the Sophomore Awards Ceremony today. (The picture is a bit blurry - I took it from the top of the second tier balcony.)

Thursday, June 2, 2005

Surgery Follow Up

Danielle met with the doctor this morning to follow up on her surgery. She is doing great! He explained what some of the pictures that they gave us back in March were so here is what the inside of Danielle's knee looks like.

Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Band Awards

Danielle attended her band banquet this evening. The award ceremony did not go off as it had in prior years, the band had already received their awards some time ago and the colorguard had to wait until after the banquet to get their awards in the band room.

Danielle received her 2nd year bar and 2nd year letter from Mr. McCarney.

Danielle & Pam (Flagline) show off their awards.

Front Yard Fun

I managed to get some great shots of the children in the front yard this afternoon.

The boys are enjoying hanging out in the front yard under the birch tree.

Everyone is getting into the act.

Sean is hiding from Walter behind a leaf.

End of Year Testing

Walter begins his exams today. He exempted all his exams except, Physics and Government. Good luck on the testing. He only has a few days left...then graduation.

Sean is taking his SOL testing for the next three days.

Danielle will be starting her exams next week. She too has exempted a majority of them.