Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Day At The River

Pipeline Walkway
Big day today on the river. I went down to the Pipeline Walkway to capture some shots of the rafters as they passed by in the rapids near the pipeline.

Finding my way down to the Pipeline Walkway wasn't all that difficult, but the access is a little tricky. There is a metal ladder that must be navigated to gain access to the walkway, which runs under the train trellis along the river. The walkway itself is sturdy and affords a spectacular view of the river, rapids and wildlife. It was noted that this area of the river is a rookery for herons and they nest here in April and May. A trip during the Spring will definitely offer a different view of the river with less foliage.

While waiting for the rafters to arrive I took a stroll down nearly the length of the walkway, that is until I reached the end that did not have railings. Although it was wide enough to traverse safely, I thought better of getting too far away from the location I'd selected as my shooting point.

Pipeline Walkway

Juvenile Heron with a Fish
I did discover a juvenile heron fishing for its meal near the edge of the river. I was tucked in the shadows watching for the next unlucky fish to swim by. 

He was so patient and moved quite stealthy. It was a treat to watch as he snapped up multiple fish all the while totally ignoring his audience.

Juvenile Heron

First Kayaker of the Day
Along the journey today I met up with another photographer who was there to take rafting photos as well. It was nice having someone else around. He was definitely more prepared to get a different shot, as he waded on into the river for that new angle. As a warm up for the photos that were to come, I was able to get some practice shots of some kayakers and of a different rafting group as they came past the location where I was set up near the rapids.

Way to Go Michelle!!
The rafters came in next in a big group. You could tell from the laughter and cheers that they were having an excellent time. This was the group that I had come to shoot picture for.

They really did some cutting up for the camera. There was posing prior to going over the rapids and then even more after they had passed through them. It was great fun for me as well.

Rafting On the James

After a successful shoot on the river, off to the Confederate Memorial Chapel to stand with the VA Flaggers. It was a great group out today taking a stand for the return of the flags to the Confederate Memorial Chapel.

Flagger Gathering

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy Birthday, Walter!!

Walter, Happiest Birthday Wishes!! May your birthday and the whole year long be spectacular! - Mom

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Return to Sender

While out on my grand adventure of a vacation/reunion/photo shoots I had a "grandma moment" and sent a couple of ball for the backyard/pool to my grandchildren. Thought these balls would be some great Summer fun!

I had a grand time at the post office in Durham NC getting these things sent out. A couple of postal patrons thought that they would make me go out and find boxes for them, but I'd seen this one done before. It is amazing exactly what you can send through the mail without any boxes. Just stamps and address labels! For this special delivery, I went the extra mile, just to make sure that they were received and had them delivered certified mail.

It seems that they were unwanted as they arrived back at the house - RETURNED to SENDER - REFUSED. So much for giving the grandkids a little summer fun.