Friday, December 14, 2007

In Response

Anonymous said...

HA, that's what he gets for stealing from his great-grandmother. I'm just upset that you were not in the car with him.

10:51 AM

(I've posted the original comment here so that what the focus of all the wrath and anger is up front for everyone to see not hidden behind a link at the bottom of a post. 12-17 JPS)

To the Anonymous idiot,

If you would think for a minute instead of having your head stuck up your own a**, you would not have imputed Walter's nor my character in your posting (Sunday Gone Awry).

Obviously you feel that you must be entitled to some of Mamaw's possessions otherwise you would have just kept your mouth shut.

We offered to make the trip for Mamaw, otherwise we would not have been in the vicinity. We don't visit her home when she is not there to do laundry (steal her water & electricity) nor do we ask her for her things in an attempt to "clean out" all of her things.

The items in question were being transported to make Mamaw's life better. They were/are for her enjoyment and comfort. Neither Walter nor I have any use for her things. They are hers and hers alone!


Walter says, "Sandi, give back the vacuum. It's not worth it!"


Anonymous said...

It takes one to know one.

Please explain to me how a car and a vacuum cleaner can be for Mamaws enjoyment. She can't drive, and I would hope that you wouldn't make her clean house.

I would never want any of Mamaws things. They're hers. Maybe you've forgotten, but she's still alive, and I could never imagine myself STEALING from her the way you did.

One last thing. If all you were doing was bringing these items to Mamaw, then why are you getting so defensive? Guilty conscience, anyone?

Oh, I'm not a fool. I can't wait until you figure out who I am. That's when I'll really enjoy this!

Judy said...

I'm sorry that you are unable to recognize Righteous Indignation when you see it. If you would like to discuss this further please call - you have the number.

It's that simple.

Tim said...

So when did human life get devalued and tangible objects become more important? It's interesting to see how far our perception of life has degraded. Um, let me guess we are putting a vaccum cleaner or a blanket over life...Ok, what does that say about the blogger who posted anonymously....not much. Are you afraid to stand by your name. Have you no courage? a Coward stands in sea of anonymity and yells to be heard. Someone with true courage walks to the podium. You Miss/Mr anonymous are a coward, grow up! Hey guys! Ma-Maw Stapleton is not dead stop acting like a pack of ravenous dogs hovering over a fresh kill.

Danielle said...

Hmm. I find it very interesting that now that Mommaw has stepped up to the plate to take care of Mommaw Stapleton that anger and reproach are the only thing harbored for the very someone who is taking care of Mommaw Stapleton. Saying that Walter deserved his wreck is anything but mature, and if it takes an verbal attack on a 20 year old to make you feel better, then how old are you? First of all, you stated right above that the vacuum is "hers." If that was reason alone, then she should have "her" vacuum back for "her" use. Regardless of her using the vacuum to clean or just have it around for familiar surroundings is cause enough for her to retain what is rightfully hers to begin with.

sandi said...

Well, where do I begin? I am tempted not to put forth many of my real feelings at this time because I know I will say things that are mean and hurtful and only do what has been done to me. My name has been used and downgraded without any proof. I am really shocked that my family has turned on me without knowing the facts.

My first comment will be to the person who is writing these comments annonymously. I don't appreciate you not defending my name when it is obvious who this whole family blames. It has really helped me to see how my famiy really feels about me. It still doesn't help the fact that you are not saying something in my defense. I have been narrowing it down.......I am sure it is not Alice, Tim, Judy, Danielle, Walter, Debbie, Taylor and myself so that leaves Sean, Diane, Lisa, Jessica, Chelsea, Vanessa, Becky, and Jerry Michael and whatever else cousins we have in this family........Judy says I am the only one who knew she was going to be here but that is not true. As soon as I found out Walter and Judy were here I emailed Debbie and asked if Louie knew they were coming to get Mamaw's car. Once that happened every cousin on this list knew they were in this area.

By the way Walter, if you want the vacuum you are welcome to the wet, glass infested, broken up Oreck that belonged to my Grandmother....What is the deal with the vacuum anyway?.....If anyone even knew my grandmother they would know she let me use it anytime I wanted it. I have lived next to my grandmother for the past fifteen years and haven't gone a week without either talking to her or seeing her can anyone else say that? I realize you don't know me but what you said really hurt my feelings. Here I went out in the cold and rain to your vehicle to find YOUR wallet and your mom's credit card and cut my hands in all the glass moving broken stuff all around and what thanks do I get from you?? "Bring back the vacuum??"" I realize you are young so I will overlook it but in the future don't use someone's name without some kind of proof...
Danielle, I know "I" have been "stepping up to the plate" as you say for a long time now taking care of Mamaw yet one thing happens and no one seems to remember that. (I am not saying you were pointing fingers at me but if you are listening to other parts of your family then I am sure you thought it was me as well.)

I am just shocked at this all.

One more thing.....Judy said that I wasn't the one being blamed yet my name was spelled out very loudly from walters comment where it said, "Sandi, bring back the vacuum. It's not worth it!" and Judy's comment where she said to call her because this person knew her number. Well, she knew that I had her cell phone number so I feel fingers were being pointed directly at me from those two comments. As well as the post where she talks about laundry and stealing Mamaw's electricity. I don't steal anything that she wouldn't give me if she was still living there. Dorothy tells me to get anything I may need from her fridge or the food supply room but I guess I would be stealing that as well but hmmmmm, I guess I can't steal from the fridge since everything was in a cooler in Walter's GMC. I could care less about all this pettey stuff but it seems other people like to bring it up and point fingers. Looks like when everyone is angry or hurt fingers begin to point......

I can't believe how this day has been today. First I start off being very sad after having a conversation with my Grandmother then I find out about this blog situation and I go into anger/astonishment mode. It has been a very emotional day nevertheless. I hope whoever started this is happy........

Judy said...

I know what you mean by the glass. I was injured as well tending to Walter at the accident scene.

You are right about one thing for sure no one can be stealing when they have either been asked or told to get something by the property owner. It seems here that there is a lot of supposition, but the basic fact is not everyone is privileged to all communications.

It seems to me that the biggest accusation that Anonymous had other than wishing me bodily injury was that we were stealing.

The simple answer is you can't be stealing when you are acting on behalf of the property owner.

Debbie said...

I guess I need to defend myself. I am not anonymous, but would like to know who that person is. I asked about the blanket I made for mamaw and why they took it. I told Dorothy I was not mad about it, I just wanted an answer. Yes! I did say I felt like mamaw was dead, I said that only because I was hurt, I enjoyed visiting mamaw. Now I'm being called a pack of ravenous dogs because I said my feelings, well I didn't go and take anything from mamaw. I'm not mad yet I'm just hurt. You all are my family, but this is not right to point fingers and name call.

Judy said...


I agree. This one Anonymous person has caused much speculation and grief for everyone.

The thing with all the posts boils down to this - those that didn't do it are very upset and disturbed. The one that did should be, but it would seem from lack of a rebuttal, Anonymous posting, is enjoying watching.

Danielle said...

Just to get back to you Sandi. No I was not pointing a finger at you. Due to the fact that I really had no idea who Anonymous was I was not going to accuse anyone. Therefore I addressed the things that were said and that was all. Please don't take offense to what was said because it wasn't directed to you:)

Tim said...

All I know, who ever anonymous is has shown her character and cowardice and how very little regard for life she has. We never pointed finger we simple said if this whole thing was over a blanket, vacum cleaner or any other of Mamaw possessions, we know where her values lie. As for the rest of post from anonymous we need to let her go and not let him / her get to us. Don't let anonymous tear us apart from being a whole family.

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone,
I just want to let everyone know that I wasn't the one who said anything, I first found out about all of this drama on friday evening and tonight is the first time I have been on the computer to see for my self what is going on. Judy, let me say that I would never wish on anyone what happened to Walter, as a matter of fact my son Michael was involved in a car accident last saturday night, and thanks given to God he walked away unhurt, It seems as though everyone has hurt feelings for one reason or another. And Sandy, I can speak only of myself but I have not turned my back on you, I love you and appreciate all that you did for Mamaw. I know it was hard for you at times but you always did the best you could. (your dad would be so proud of you looking after his mom like you did). But I do belive (my opinion) that from now on before anything like this can happen again that the 2 siblings Dorothy and Louie need to discuss and agree together anything concerning their Mom. All of us cousins/ grandkids need to stay out of all of this.

Love all of you
Lisa Jacobs

Judy said...

Sorry to hear that Michael had an accident, but your are right he was truly blessed to be able to walk away from it.
- Judy