Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Thank You!

Thanks to all of the Administrative Professionals out there.
You keep things moving!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Saturday In Richmond

I started off my weekend, cleaning out the totaled Camry in preparation for its departure. It was amazing the 'stuff' that had accumulated in the trunk and elsewhere. I'm sure I'm not the only one, but I did manage to 'FIND' all the missing umbrellas, travel mugs (and others), and assorted other items. Most of it made its way back into the house, where it belonged.
What didn't need to go into the new car made it straight into the trashcan. Now just to complete all the paperwork and get it back to the insurance company on Monday and I can call that a done item.

I even managed to slip out to my parents house for an hour or so in the morning to show off the new Camry. PLUS spend some time chatting over coffee, with the occasional bird photo thrown in before we all got the day off and running.

It was a great day with the VA Flaggers on Saturday at the Confederate Memorial Chapel and the VMFA. The city was celebrating "Civil War and Emancipation Day" and providing bus service to over 25 Civil War sites around the city. Needless to say that traffic was heavy from that, but it was also a gorgeous day in the capital and people were everywhere.

One couple, Civil War/Living History Reenators, came down from Pennsylvania in period attire to visit the various Civil War locations. They made a stop at the Confederate Memorial Chapel and together with the Lester's from Gordonsville, also dressed in period attire, were quite the hit with a photography class that was out learning about lighting. Photos of the day found here.

Mr. Lester, became quite popular as he posed in uniform on the steps of the chapel. He was the absolute center of attention. I'm sure the
photography students left with some delightful photographs.

Not to be left out the ladies in their beautiful dresses, if captured just right, looked like they stepped out of photos of the time (must make sure that modern era items are not in the frame). The photo came out quite well with the Confederate Memorial Chapel and the garden in the background. The sepia tone gave it just a hint of that it could have been from the 1860's. More photos of the ladies.

I had opportunity to tour the United Daughters of the Confederacy Headquarters building (open to the public for tours).

The Confederate flags flanked the massive doorway entrance. That was spectacular site, one I'm sure we won't see again for some time. (I don't think I've ever seen a Confederate flag outside the doors - with the exception of the First National that is flying on a flagpole hidden behind a huge evergreen tree).

Of course a Saturday would have been complete without loads and loads of photograph of the VA Flaggers in action.

Shame On You VMFA. Return the Flags. Restore the Honor.