Friday, January 31, 2014

An Interesting Update

Walter's prediction from back in October has come to pass. See column 3 of today's Drudge Report - "Gynecologist to treat more men..." Be sure to read his original musings.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Day Here in Richmond

Enough of the fluffy white stuff has fallen along with the temperatures to shutdown the schools and a large number of business.

We've got a 'dry' snow here which isn't very good for making snowmen or snowballs, so I guess we will have to wait for the next one (hopefully next year) for any snowmen to appear.

Everyone stay safe out there and stay warm!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Having started the new year off sick, I spent most of my time focused on getting well in order to attend the festivities in Lexington, VA for Lee-Jackson Day. I was successful in getting better and am thrilled to have made it!

Friday morning began with a gathering at Stonewall Jackson Cemetery and then off to the streets of Lexington. Flagging activities for the afternoon wrapped up with a group photo and singing Dixie at the Mayor's house.

Saturday's event's kicked off at the memorial service at Stonewall Jackson Cemetery. Followed by a parade down Main Street in Lexington to the Lee Chapel. The Virginia Flaggers marched as the third unit in the parade. They numbers approximately 75, although some of their members were also participating in other units. It was a beautiful sight as all of those Confederate flags were carried along the parade route.

Following a service at the Lee Chapel, the Virginia Flaggers moved to the parade grounds at VMI, where a 22' x 30' Confederate Battle Flag was unfurled and Dixie was sung. Much to the delight of all  many new voices were added as many of the Keydets joined in. The reverbrating Rebel Yell at the end of the song was enough to give you chills.

A very chilly afternoon of flagging followed lunch. Those that were on Main Street had come from far and wide. Tennessee, Florida, Mississippi, North Carolina and from all around Virginia. 

It was a spectacular weekend!

Christmas Flashback

As I uploaded my previous blog post today, Google surprised me with this little enhancement.

Catching Up 2013

I have been so terribly neglectful of my blog. That is not to say I haven't been busy, I just have been so busy posting and sharing all kinds of things on Facebook that I had not updated this site. That being said, I guess a review of whats been going on is order to bring things up to date.

September started off with a quick trip to Lake Mattamuskeet, NC for the Labor Day weekend. A wonderfully leisurely way to end the summer.

The rest of the month I was very busy working with the Virginia Flaggers. I have been their Official Photographer for some time now and they are a very busy group. Flagging twice weekly at the VMFA and their unfurling of the I-95 Battle Flag at the end of September. My weekends were hopping. 

The BIGGEST event of the month was the Unveiling of the I-95 Battle Flag that was to raised at the end of the month. The Virginia Flaggers unveiled the Battle Flag on the steps of the Virginia State Capital - even taking time to singing Dixie, which reverberated off the buildings surrounding the Capital building.

Not only was I shooting photos, I was busy at work doing a few creative projects with them. I had a little fun with the LOVE sign that was in from of the VMFA, making a couple of changes that were fitting for the weekend. 

I was honored to have several of my photos used in a new brochure for the Henricus Historical Park

The month really was jammed packed and loaded with fun with the Virginia Flaggers. There are tons of photos over on Judy Smith Photography on Facebook of the month's activities.


I did manage to make another road trip down to the Outer Banks for some relaxation and to shoot a few photos.

I was still keeping busy with the Virginia Flaggers, but things slightly slowed down for me in October. But as you know when one things slows down another picks up.

We had a bit of fun at the office on Halloween - we all dressed up and had fun posing for pictures with some of the patients.


I think by this time, just about everyone that knows me, knows that Bounce gets a trip to Hardee's just about every Sunday morning for his treat of the week. A sausage biscuit and gravy. Here is a shot of him sitting in the backseat of the car waiting for "his turn" at the drive-thru window. He just loves his sausage biscuit & gravy.

I hitched a ride with Barry to Raleigh to attend the Flag Re-Dedication Ceremony at the North Carolina Museum of History. We finished up the day by joining a fellow flagger in flagging  the NC State Capital. It is amazing the people you meet - we were joined at different times - by a groups from Italy and China! International Flagging!

Raleigh Road Trip & Flagging Photos

Meanwhile our the Virginia Flaggers enjoyed some beautiful weather, followed immediately by frosty conditions. While shooting the photo to the left - I was "fussed" at for not being dressed warmly enough to suit everyone. (I did go and purchase a heavier winter coat a few days later, but by the time that I had made the purchase the temperatures had risen to comfortable levels).

Through all the wacky weather the Virginia Flaggers maintained a presence at the VMFA and the Museum of the Confederacy in addition to attending Veteran's Day Memorial Services.

By the end of November I was beginning to get a good feel of the road driving back and forth to North Carolina. It was nice to watch the changes in the country side over the weeks.

North Carolina 1 &  North Carolina 2

I had a great Thanksgiving at Mom & Dad's house. It was one of our better Thanksgiving's. I do believe that everyone had a great time.


I feel like I was going somewhere just about every weekend. I was all prepared to shoot the Mechanicsville Christmas Parade the first weekend in December only to have the event called due to rain (there was no rain date). So in lieu of doing that I joined several others for a "quick" Flagger Road Trip to Sharpsburg, MD to assist in setting up luminaries on the battle field.

Now talk about a COLD day. I was SO GLAD that I had that heavy winter coat. It would have been brutal without it.

Driving through the battlefield at night and realizing that each of the luminaries represented a fallen soldier truly gives an idea of how terrible the losses were there.

The trip to Sharpsburg had started very early in the morning and we did not return back home until nearly 10:30 p.m., but my day wasn't over. It was time for me to head off to a Christmas party! Needless to say I didn't arrive until nearly 11pm, but it was a great. I ended up to the end of the get together. Finally falling into bed after 2 am!!

The Christmas season hit full force with parties and outings. The office had our annual get together at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. After a lovely dinner we wandered throughout the garden enjoying the illuminated displays.

Just a week later the Virginia Flaggers gathered at the house for a Christmas party, and it was a FULL HOUSE!! There were 30 people there. It was a terrific event. Can't wait until the next one.

The weekend before Christmas was very eventful. Saturday at the VMFA with the Virginia Flaggers. The weather was unbelievable. You would have thought that it was early September or late May. Awesome weather and the flags were brilliant in the bright sunlight.

The Richmond Pop's Band performed their Christmas Concert on the night of the 23rd with the Richmond Choral Society. This is one event that I've made it to for about the last five years. The performance was excellent as always.

I don't know how I managed to do it but I didn't take a single photo of our family's Christmas Eve get together. Thank goodness Mom did. Even though it is sort of goofy it is really great.

I had a really special Christmas Day, Barry came over and cooked for me. It was absolutely delicious and spectacular to watch!

The flames really did wrap up over top of the range hood, no worries though the cabinets were fine, the food was EXCELLENT! and there was a fire extinguisher nearby had it been needed.

I rung out the year curled up sick on the sofa, definitely looking forward to a new year full of new adventures.