Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Having started the new year off sick, I spent most of my time focused on getting well in order to attend the festivities in Lexington, VA for Lee-Jackson Day. I was successful in getting better and am thrilled to have made it!

Friday morning began with a gathering at Stonewall Jackson Cemetery and then off to the streets of Lexington. Flagging activities for the afternoon wrapped up with a group photo and singing Dixie at the Mayor's house.

Saturday's event's kicked off at the memorial service at Stonewall Jackson Cemetery. Followed by a parade down Main Street in Lexington to the Lee Chapel. The Virginia Flaggers marched as the third unit in the parade. They numbers approximately 75, although some of their members were also participating in other units. It was a beautiful sight as all of those Confederate flags were carried along the parade route.

Following a service at the Lee Chapel, the Virginia Flaggers moved to the parade grounds at VMI, where a 22' x 30' Confederate Battle Flag was unfurled and Dixie was sung. Much to the delight of all  many new voices were added as many of the Keydets joined in. The reverbrating Rebel Yell at the end of the song was enough to give you chills.

A very chilly afternoon of flagging followed lunch. Those that were on Main Street had come from far and wide. Tennessee, Florida, Mississippi, North Carolina and from all around Virginia. 

It was a spectacular weekend!

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