Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Return to Sender

While out on my grand adventure of a vacation/reunion/photo shoots I had a "grandma moment" and sent a couple of ball for the backyard/pool to my grandchildren. Thought these balls would be some great Summer fun!

I had a grand time at the post office in Durham NC getting these things sent out. A couple of postal patrons thought that they would make me go out and find boxes for them, but I'd seen this one done before. It is amazing exactly what you can send through the mail without any boxes. Just stamps and address labels! For this special delivery, I went the extra mile, just to make sure that they were received and had them delivered certified mail.

It seems that they were unwanted as they arrived back at the house - RETURNED to SENDER - REFUSED. So much for giving the grandkids a little summer fun.


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