Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Paranormal Investigator in Richmond

I could hardly contain my surprise when I was on the way home from work this evening and passed by this vehicle in the parking lot of a local mall. It took me three passes in the parking lot to get just the pictures that I wanted. It made for a great picture of the day.

Who would have thought that there was such a thing here in Richmond. I did do an internet search in hopes of finding out just what the company was that had these vehicles as their 'company' cars, but it was not to be. If anyone finds out I'd love to post a link to their site.
I kept waiting for the lights to start flashing.

It really did make me wonder just which store they were in and if I was going to see someone in the "GhostBusters" jumpsuit running out of the store with a steaming containment unit.

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Anonymous said...

Just letting you know I came across your post here when searching to see what would pop up when I searched for my car on google. I am the creator behind the Ecto-XB. I am a paranormal investigator by hobby standards, but would love it to be a full time job. Anyway if you would like to check out more and see the lights and siren on just search "Ecto XB" at I am glad my car brightened your day, that is what I strive to do.
P.S. I do have a yellow jumpsuit with the ghostbusters logo on it to match the yellow XB.