Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Catching Up

I have been so bad with my blog post of late. So many excuses for where the time has gone between them. Work, school, family, holidays and just plain ole not having anything exciting to report.


Let's see since the last real posting, I've begun my final module for school, which is photography. Since deciding to finish out my program with the photography module, I have picked up a new camera (Canon Rebel T2i) which is much better suited for use than just a point and shoot for the class. It is pretty hard to learn anything about photographing using the .raw format when all you've got to work with is .jpg.

I've already begun utilizing what I've learned during my course work to improve my overall photography. Even managing to do some head shots for a dancer.

The Holidays

Walt & I had a great Christmas party at the house the middle of December. Which was an awesome success! Looking forward to our next get together at the house for the Super Bowl. I spent Christmas Eve at Mom & Dad's house and part of Christmas Day at Barbara & Jimmy's house.

Mom & I attended Christmas with the Richmond Pops the week before Christmas. We both took loads of pictures.

Richmond Pops Band Photos

On the Friday before Christmas, Mom & I went out to the Metro Richmond Zoo to see their presentation, Miracle of Christmas at the Zoo.

Photos from Miracle at the Zoo

I did have a three-day weekend for Christmas and New Years. Took a bunch of pictures and spent the extra time working on editing them. It fun getting out and taking a series of images from a new perspective.

The New Year

Here we are with January almost gone and February just around the corner. Where does the time go? Time to finally gather up all the remnants of Christmas and get them back into the proper boxes and back into the attic.

I need to get myself a packing list together for an upcoming trip. There will be loads of pictures after I return.

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