Monday, May 21, 2012

Can You Say Burnout?

I fear that it is going to be coming sooner rather than later. Lately I've had about three too many balls in the air and at some point something is going to come crashing down.

I've been procrastinating severely on several items for school - I'm so close to finished yet don't seem to have the energy left to just "get it done". It may be that things are just so in flux and have been for a while, that I'm totally zapped out by the time I get home in the evenings that that isn't enough of me left.

I'm looking forward to getting out this coming weekend with friends for a movie, a cookout with family, and that extra day off on Monday. I'm betting that I can put that day to really good use on creating a champagne box, and perhaps at least one other assignment.

That being said, it is a plan, unless Walter comes up with a whole laundry list of things that he would like to get help with.

Cross your fingers for me. Time to plow forward and get on with it.

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