Sunday, October 14, 2012

Road Trip - Colonial Parkway

Starting out with a little inspiration this morning, I loaded Bounce into the car and headed off for a drive down Colonial Parkway.

We dipped into several of the plantations along the way, stopping at the Berkley Plantation was awesome! On the road into the house there was a lovely pond on the side of the drive, with this colorful goose gliding along. I couldn't pass it up.

I hopped out and the next thing that I know he has swam right over to where I was. Not only did he just swim over to the edge of the pond, he climbed right out and walked over to me. All the while honking and carrying on, basis sass mouthing. He was quite intent on getting my attention and nearly came beak to camera lens. I could not have asked for a better subject.

All the while, poor Bounce is having a fit in the car. I can hardly blame the poor thing for wanting to get out and 'play' with this new creature. Finally getting back into the car, I was the one who was surprised. My new found friend didn't want us to leave. In fact he chased the car down the road for a short way. I felt sorry for him.

After checking out the plantation house and starting back up the drive, back past the pond and our friend. We arrived to find him holding a carload of visitors hostage. The driver had pulled all the way over in the opposite lane to go around, but he had moved out into the center of the road and was right next to the passengers door.

I hopped back out of the car with camera in hand which caused him to run right over. I really do think that he liked having his picture taken. So while I was pretending to take more photos of him, the girls were released from their captivity and passed by laughing as he 'talked' with me on the side of the driveway.

Having completed my mission, back to the car I went followed closely behind by my friend. I started down the drive and he ran along side the car - I was doing 10 mph and he was keeping pace. I gunned it just a hair and he started flapping his wings. I thought for sure that he was going to take flight and follow me all the way out.

Bounce settled back and really seemed to enjoy the rest of the trip. We stopped at a little beach area along the Colonial Parkway to allow him some stretching time. He hadn't ever been near the river or on sand before. Oh my goodness! He had a blast.

You would have thought he was practicing his football moves. He had his front paws spread apart and then zig zagged from side to side, broke to the left, ran down the beach, ran up and tried to bite the wave coming to shore, jumped in the air and shot back the opposite direction.

The biting the waves part was the most amusing thing he did. He'd dive right in to the water, try to bite it and then jump sideways back out of the water. I could tell him to get the water and he'd actually repeat the process. I nearly cried from laughing so hard.

We made it all the way to Yorktown, but there were a few too many people there. Not if it had been just me but with Bounce it was better with smaller crowds. I did make a stop back to the beach area on the return trip where I was equally as entertained as the first time.

The last BIG experience on tap for Bounce was a trip on the ferry. He did great getting onto the ferry yet he was sitting in the back seat shaking until I got him out and walked him around the deck. He did so well and was quite popular with a number of the other passengers. He received loads of compliments on how handsome he is.

Once finally back home, he promptly plopped on the sofa and has been sleeping like a rock since.

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