Friday, February 15, 2013

A True Random Act of Kindness

I witnessed a real life event, that mimicked the Liberty Mutual commercial about watching out for one another.

Outside of the one of the entrances to Chesterfield Towne Center on Thursday afternoon, I watched as a man stopped his car, got out and called to a woman that was on the sidewalk. She walked over to his car where he handed her money that she had dropped on the pavement. As she was walking away he, got back into his car an pulled away.

It was awesome to see someone doing the right thing. There a could have been so many other outcomes, but I am sure that this event will be one that she won't forget for a long time.

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christine g. said...

There are so few that would be so honest in todays society. I am glad that there still are some that will do the right thing, now only if others would put forth the effort as this man did, we could live in a much more friendly environment.