Saturday, April 25, 2009


With temperatures soaring into the mid 90's today, Walter & I finally tackled the bagged leaves in the yard. We borrow a pickup to make several runs to the dump. Now as I use to remember it, you could drop leaves off without charge, or it a minimal one. Now the it runs $8.00 a trip! Then to add insult to injury, since I can't burn leaves at my house (we're in the NO burn zone). You can't dump leaves in bags! They make you take the leaves out of the bags! It's ridiculous. Grrr....

We made three runs to the dump and ended up filthy messes from splitting open the bags and dumping them. They had only been sitting in the yard since mid February, when our leaf guy started work. He quit on us in March and we finally were able to get a truck to get them away from here. I had even begun sitting them out with the trash for pick up five bags at a time, but they didn't take any bags last week.

In the midst of the leaf fiasco, as we drove into the backyard to load leaves we noticed that the tree beside our driveway, near the house, had been backed into. Someone had apparently driven into the drive while we were out and somehow managed to back into the tree. It took a good chunk of bark off . I would presume that it did some damage to the vehicle as well. Serves them right. But why is a whole other question, that I don't think that we'll get the answer to.

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