Monday, May 4, 2009

I've Been Bad...

Here it's been over a week since I last posted to the blog, and so much has happened in the course of daily life that it just got away from me.

On Wednesday, Walter & I, went to see Kenny Loggins at Innsbrook After Hours. He put on a fantastic show. The opening act on the other hand was really lacking, if they had gone on much longer I don't think Walter would have stayed around.

Mom & I went out on Saturday to do the Spring pilgrimage to Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, but ended up not getting to go. They had rented out part of the facilities for some function, which caused them to block off parking to the main building. They were also having a plant sale that morning, which we wanted to avoid. The only way to get in was through the sale, so we didn't. We backed up and headed off back across the river and to the Richmond Metro Zoo.

The zoo has expanded quite a bit since the last time that I have been there. They've added a number of enclosures beyond the camels and a whole African section. Mom hadn't been before and we had a great time photographing the animals. One monkey in particular seemed to be having a grand old time with his walking stick. He looked like a little old man out for a long walk.

You can see more of my zoo pictures by clicking here.

More later....

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