Saturday, May 30, 2009

Great Weekend So Far

It's been a great weekend so far. Last night I basically spent the evening goofing off. After a great night's sleep, we headed out early to get some breakfast and then on to some shopping. We stopped at the vegetable stand to look at tool sheds. There's one that is nicely sized and really not too expensive. Time to start saving. While we were there I spotted this hawk on the post at the edge of the lot. He stayed there for quite some time. Giving me plenty of time to navigate around to get a good angle.

Walter was so sweet to go with me. I know it's not a guy thing, but he's real good to go shopping with, as long as I can take his herding me through the store. "You don't need that." "Just say no!" are just a few of the ways he keeps the shopping time to a minimum. I was in total awe today when he even suggested that I should get a new pair of shoes. I just about fainted.

Off to the eye doctor to pick up new contacts. I've gotten tired of dealing with the bifocals. I'm hoping that the contacts will solve some of the reading issues. I'm thrilled to be able to read my cell phone without digging out the glasses! Yippee!!

This afternoon I went to the Daughter's of the King Tea with Mom, Mamaw Stapleton, and Cassie at Swift Creek Baptist Church. The event was very nice and we all had a very nice time together.

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