Monday, May 25, 2009

The Weekend Thus Far...

As we began our weekend, I had my day in court which has been postponed until November. Walter helped out a friend install a new light fixture and she and her boyfriend took him out for dinner. It seemed that they had a great evening. Saturday we began organizing the yard for the big adventure with the limb chipper.

During the prep work we found one of the corner rods for the yard. Which totally changed the mission for the day. Tim came over to get some monkey grass and he and Walter went into action finding the missing markers. Turned out that the plot plan we had in our yard was the wrong one for our lot. But on a happy note, they were able to find the correct one online through the county. Armed with the correct information they attacked the yard. Of the six rods that were noted on the plot plan they were able to find four without any problem. Number 5 is somewhere in the ditch in the front yard, and the last one appears to have been dug up and discarded with the Verizon FIOS lines installed. But we have a great idea where it should have been based on the measurements.

We went out to Mom & Dad's for a nice very nice pre-Memorial day get together. It was nice getting together with all the siblings for a few hours. I could hardly believe how tall Andrew has gotten. It isn't going to be too long before he has sprout right up and over his Mom, Dad, and start closing in on Walter. All the kids in fact had done a bit of growing. Master Terry had had just enough of the festivities and slipped off to sleep.

Our big surprise came on Sunday morning when we went out to fire up the limb chipper. We turned the key and NOTHING. A saga that continued for hours. We thought it was flooded. We let it sit. We tried again and NOTHING. Of course having rented the darn thing at the end of the day (so that we could have it for the extra holiday days), no one is at the rental office until Tuesday, when it is due back. It has really been such a big help getting the yard into shape after all those trees were taken down. NOT.

Being optimistic about the the limb chipper we headed out once again today to try. Oh well, that didn't last very long. The chipper basically said, "NO" Back to square one, hopefully RentalWorks will be of some assistance on this tomorrow morning.

Mom & Mamaw Stapleton came by this afternoon to visit with us. We enjoyed some time sitting out on the deck. While there Carla romped through the yard chasing the neighborhood cats. She got into a stand off with one of the kittens from the yard behind us.

On the way to the car, we spotted this really cool, odd looking bird hiding out in the brush pile near the driveway. I've never seen one like it before. I was able to get a few shots while it was hanging out in the brush. We even tried a few more once it had flown into the tree, but it was too high up to get a clear photo. Mom's going to check it out in her birding book. Perhaps we'll have an answer this evening.

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