Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Recap

The week has been hectic, surprising, and even frustrating at times this week.

On Tuesday, Foote, Dad, Johnny & Walter all descended upon the property to cut trees down. I wasn't here, but apparently the fellows went wild. The proof is in the 24 trees that were cut down that morning. They were and still are everywhere. It is going to take days to clean it all up. We're thinking about renting a chipper over the weekend to handle all the limbs and small branches.
The dog's issue turned out to be old age. She has a couple of vertibra that are beginning to show signs of arthritis. Pain pills and muscle relaxants have put in right on the road to drugged happiness. (She'll only have to take them for a little less than 2 weeks.)

Court was, what it was. Nothing was really totally resolved, so we'll be back at it in mid-November. Hopefully everyone will be back on track and we can just cruise right through the hearing. Nothing too terribly painful for anyone.

I took the opportunity to slip out and visit at Mom & Dad's for a brief while after court. Mom & I tried taking photos of some of the birds that were hanging around, but for the most part they were just out of camera range. I did get this one of a blue bird.

I'm still working on my Illustrator class. The instructor/professor isn't nearly as good as the one I had for my Photoshop class. He doesn't quite have the instructions in his lecture tweaked 100%. As soon as I figure out how to ready then, the class will be over and it won't matter. Oh well, time to pull out the alternate manual (that's been hanging around the house for a few months) to see what he's actually talking about.

The big adventure for the weekend is going to be getting up the cut logs from around the yard and into some semblance of a woodpile, topped off by the rental of the chipper to take care of all the limbs from the downed trees. In the scope of things the chipper could turn out to be actual fun.

Ya'll have a great Memorial Day!

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