Sunday, October 16, 2011

Watching Television and Choosing a President

I had an interesting conversation this week about the political landscape and I heard the best analogy as to the condition that the voters are finding themselves in during this election cycle.

Fade in on a couple sitting on the sofa, neither in the mood to actually go out for the evening (there is nothing that is compelling them to go - no movie, play, etc.) There they sit flipping through the 100's of channels not finding anything to watch.

The wife says to the husband, "You go ahead and watch sports." He takes the remote and flips over to the sports channel only to find figure skating, ping pong, and a bridge tournament. Definitely not what he was looking to watch.

He then hands the remote back to his wife and say, "You go ahead and watch a movie." She flips through the movie channels and and comes up with nothing that she wants to watch either.

Together they finally settle on a rerun of CSI, not because they want to watch it, but because there is nothing else for them to choose from.

So here we are waiting to find a candidate that we can get behind, become passionate about, one that we just don't have to settle upon!

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