Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mac OS Issues

Apple has been the bane of the boss' and my existence today!

It seems a simple trip to the Apple Genius bar to update the OS, get more RAM and have iCloud installed has turned into a exercise in futility.

I don't know what's going with their product, but the Mac OS X Lion (10.7.2) has been on the fritz for the last two days. I'd wager to say that I've spent about six hours or more on the phone with Apple support hacking away at this issue. The boss' MacBookPro has 8 GB memory and over 500 GB free hard drive space, yet he gets this lovely pop up window that says, "Your Mac OS X start up disk has no more space available for application memory."

Two calls on Monday followed by a trip by the boss to the Apple Genius bar, wasn't doing much to create a pleasant nor productive computer owner. It has been particularly tough since he is in the middle of doing time-sensitive work. It was hoped that the late night at the Genius bar would have done the trick, but alas that was not to be.

So back to the phones I went this morning spending a staggering 135 minutes with the first level tech support. Then after just a couple of hours of operation it was time to try it again. Thankfully I was able to go through the issue relatively quickly with the tech who determined that it was time for me to speak with a Senior Advisor after another 95 minutes, I've got my fingers crossed that it is finally fixed.

In finally getting to an alleged "fixed" state, in the past two days I've: verified the hard drive, emptied the library cache (in two different places), gone through several safe mode boot ups; deleted conduit folders and files; deleted CTLoaders; toyed with the idea that there was a bad stick of RAM (thus the boss' trip to the Genius Bar); changed trust levels on certificates; done a SMC reset; PRAM reset; reset all the caches; performed another safe boot; uninstalled and reinstalled Safari; and verified and repaired permissions.

The Senior Advisor left us a direct line back to her should things go awry and a recommendation that Office for Mac be upgraded to 2011. I think that since things are kinda of sketchy that the upgrade should be put off just until we are passed the next few critical days.

So as I left for the day, the MacBookPro was actually working. I've got my fingers crossed that it will continue to do so for many more days.

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