Monday, July 2, 2012

Huguenot Bridge Day

Huguenot Memorial Bridge Farewell Celebration July 1, 2012

I had a great time yesterday celebrating, the Huguenot Memorial Bridge, with several hundred other Richmonders. VDOT opened the bridge to the public to walk, picnic, paint, cycle, etc. However you wanted to spend the day celebrating the bridge, before its removed to make way for the new construction. Demolition begins the middle of the week.

Huguenot Bridge 1950-2012

It was interesting to see the multitude of ways that people chose to celebrate the bridge. Plein air painters were busily working on landscapes of the James near the center of the span. Children and adult alike took time to write messages in chalk on the pavement or the bridge railings. There were loads of amateur photographers on hand to record the event for posterity. There were a few families having early morning brunch picnics, while I was there. Loads of cyclist taking advantage of the opportunity to make the ride across the river in safety.

My very favorites were the children playing in water puddles and creating chalk masterpieces. One darling little girl was pushing a carriage with her baby dolls. Too precious.

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