Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Camera Malfunction

I whipped out my camera to take some shots of the whiteboards at the office and was met with an error message. WHAT?! After some 5-6000 pictures an error? I didn't even have my PowerShot in my bag to fall back on.

After a meeting I grabbed the manual and did a little trouble shooting only to discover that his particular error message was not covered in the manual. A quick call to Canon set me up with instructions to ship it back for warranty repairs.

Then while out at lunch, what did I see but a Jeep all decked out like it could have been right off the set of M.A.S.H.  I reached over to grab the camera and then proceeded to pout!

I haven't been without a camera at hand for almost eight years. And here I am at the beginning of a third 365 Year Project. I've got my fingers crossed that the backup doesn't have any problems while T2i is off at the repair shot. I know I'm sure going to miss shooting in raw.

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