Monday, July 16, 2012

Norfolk Botanical Gardens

Day 1 of Vacation

Mom went along with me for the day. Our mission this morning was a quick road trip to Norfolk to photograph the butterflies at the Norfolk Botanical Garden.

We took the scenic route down (Route 10), a much better route than dealing with all the traffic on the interstate!

We took the boat tour of the lake/garden and were able to get several interesting photos. My favorite was the great blue heron that was hanging out at the entrance to the canal. Our guide noted that since the garden is next to the Norfolk Airport - when passengers are stuck in the airport for extended layovers they offer them access to the gardens at no charge. What a great way that would be to spend a long layover, instead of just hanging out inside the airport.

We then headed to the butterfly compound - there they had a large diversity of butterflies inside the butterfly house. They also had a butterfly maze.

Hoping the tram, we finished out with a tour of the remaining areas of the garden.

All in all a nice trip - next time, I think that waiting for a day that is a bit cooler will serve us well.

Photos from Norfolk Botanical Garden

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