Friday, September 14, 2012

Fiery Friday

It has been some kind of crazy week and threats and violence has broken out all over. One local DJ called it "The World On Fire Friday". Just looking over the headlines that are on the Drudge Report make one wonder if he isn't right.

Let’s see what do the following have in common:
  • Terror scare in Kansas City 
  • University of Texas - Classes Canceled by ‘Al Qaeda Threat’ 
  • North Dakota State University Bomb Threat 
  • Threat at Valparaiso University 
  • Nuke Reactor Evacuate in Austin 
Word is that these threats are not connected. Then there is the US Embassies Under Seige, as reported on Drudge & Fox News, in....
  • Casablanca, Morocco 
  •  Tel Aviv, Israel 
  •  Tunis, Tunisia 
  •  Benghazi, Libya 
  •  Khatoum, Sudan 
  •  Cairo, Egypt 
  •  Sana’a, Yemen 
  •  Baghdad, Iraq 
  •  Tehran, Iran 
Hmm.... and the official word on this that the protest are not directed at USA.

Borrowed from a Facebook posting.
Obviously something is going on and leadership is lacking. We all need to be vigilant and prayerful.

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