Monday, February 16, 2009

A Post

I have been informed that I am not blogging enough. Of course, I have been spending quite a bit of time over on Facebook catching up with a whole lot of people from high school.

Let's see...there has been so much going on over the past month it is hard to keep it all straight. We closed on the 9th of January on the new house (Walt bought the house while having surgery.) We moved into the house on the 24th. The movers were great! I even have moving pictures, alas not uploaded or even edited.

The house was to say the least not ready for us. We moved in without the carpets installed, the painting hadn't been done and various other things were in a terrible state of disarray. We slept on the sofas for 3 days before the builder took pity on us and set up the beds in the uncarpeted bedrooms so we could at least get a decent night's sleep. By the next weekend things were beginning to come around

So far the bedrooms have been carpeted and painted. The hallway has a new coat of paint and floating hardwoods. The Florida room has new floating hardwoods and a fresh coat of paint. The laundry room has a new floor and paint job. They came in last week and started re-roofing, but were short by one container of shingles, now we're waiting on the store to be open for them to pick them up. (It seems that President's Day threw a wrench into the works.) We're scheduled to have new windows installed on Wednesday or Thursday. I'm not sure if they which day that will get started. Once they are done the list of things to do shrinks considerably. Leaving only 3 rooms to patch and paint. Hopefully we'll be finished with all the construction by the first of March

On a positive, at the end of last week, a neighborhood guy came by looking to earn some money. Nothing like a teenager wanting to work for money. He's now in charge of raking all the leaves in the yard. He is quite the industrious worker. He has a plan I think to have it all finished or close to it by the end of the week. Walt tells me they are going out of town at the end of the week for a week long vacation (now we know why he wanted to earn some money.) I applaud him though, it is difficult to find someone who's willing to do yardwork.

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