Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our Conversation with the Sheriff

Walter wanted me to make it perfectly clear to everyone. That when the Sheriff walked up to the car he wasn't poised to give him a ticket. It was just a conversation. The Sheriff only asked for his driver's license, no registration or anything like that. The jist of the conversation was hi how you doing, where you headed, and did he realize that we had just gone through a 25 mph zone. He was telling us this as we sat at the speed limit sign indicating 35 mph.

He wasn't even carrying a ticket book with him. He never told us exactly how fast we were going, so I'm presuming there was no radar involved. He just said we were going a little fast and wanted him to know.

We had just been keeping pace with the vehicle in front of us and hadn't seen any change in speed limit signs, so it really was a surprise to both of us. We did make a point of checking out the street signs on the back through. Turns out that the North bound side of the road was heavily marked with 25 mph sign, while the South bound side only had one! Hmm, can you say speed trap.

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