Monday, March 2, 2009


Today is my first official 'Adult' Snow Day, in over 25 years. It is a very odd feeling. Way back in the early 80's I had one or two when I was working for Liberty Mutal, but since then...I was always home with the kids. When the kids had a snow day it was a double work day for me. Cleaning up from all the running in and out.

Now that the snow has almost ceased falling, I am in a slight pickle. No snow shovel. I'm not sure where it went from the move two years ago to the apartment, although who really needs one in an apartment. I really should have bought one on Saturday, but I was in just doesn't snow in Richmond. We get teased, just never enough to be more of annoyance.'re not prepared and get taught a lesson. Looks like that will be an after the fact purchase sometime next week, that won't be used for another five years.

This afternoon...

I headed outside when there was a lull in the snow to dig out the car. I was used a dust pan (necessity is the mother of invention). It did a really nice job, but I wouldn't want to go for a long stretch doing it. Just when I thought I'd gotten things going well I started to go back into the house only to find the utility room storm door stuck. The storm door got too cold and became firmly stuck.

I didn't have keys, but I did have the cell phone. Which turned out not to be of much use since Walter wasn't answering his phone (he was inside the house). I pounded on the door some more then finally had to call Christine to get her to let me in. That's when things really got funny. The door wouldn't open for she tracked down Walter so that he could open it, but then it wouldn't open for him.

He finally resorted to going out the back door, getting a shovel (albeit a very small one) and digging a path for me to the back door so I could get in. By the time we got to the backdoor and were all ready to come in, the backdoor was locked. The little guy in the house locked the backdoor after Walter went outside. After pounding on the door and trying to get the little guy to unlock the door (without success). I gave up and called Christine again to let us into the house.

I'm FINISHED with being outside. No more going out for me, being locked out is absolutely no fun.

I lied. I did head back out, but only with supervision. I wanted a few more pictures, before things got too mushy.

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