Sunday, March 1, 2009

March Snow!

Here it is March 1st and we have our 1st, more than a flurry, snow storm. We started out with a bit of sleet then progressed on to actual snow.

Walter had us order in some pizza for dinner. It was getting late and he noticed that traffic was not moving up the road, so he walked down to pick up the pizza from the driver at the road. It seems that the little hill up to our house is giving a whole lot of people difficulty.

It looks like we have about 3-4 inches of snow on the deck railing. Carla went out to potty, and immediately turned right around and came back into the house. She's not interested in pottying in the cold wet snow. She's not that desperate yet.

The scenery is lovely. I wish I could get photos at night. It is beautiful. We don't get that much snow that looks great. I'm sensing an early morning with the camera outside, I do want to get photos before it melts away.

I snapped these out the side door of the house, they are more of the neighbor's yard than ours, but I was trying to get the snow.

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