Friday, September 11, 2009

Randy the Raccoon

Just when I thought that I was going to be totally stressed out for the entire day...I heard from Tim about their interesting adventure with a Randy the Racoon. The story goes something like this...

They were having the chimney taken out of the house due water problems. It seems that Randy had decided to take up residence in the chimney this Spring, much to the dismay of the construction workers when they began tearing out the old chimney. Randy wasn't all too keen on the fact that his hiding spot had been discovered and retreated to the furthest point away from all the activity. Only to discover that they had only left him one means of escape...a straight path to the crawl space door and the freedom of 'raccoon world'.

Once Randy was safely out of the house, they did a little investigative work and found that he had apparently scaled the side porch. Then climb up onto the roof and then slid right down the chimney. There were sooty footprints left at the scene.

Just goes to show you never really know what you'll find when doing home improvements.

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