Wednesday, September 9, 2009

And It's Only Wednesday

Just when I was thinking that the week couldn't get any longer, I realized that it is only Wednesday! I have been bogged down with encoding video for the past two days, a very slow and sometimes painful process. Topping all that off with experimenting with GoToWebinar prior to our upcoming webinars this week. Yikes. I thought there for a while I was going to lose my mind. I just hate learning new software on the fly.

This evening I was off to a RAUG meeting. I was hoping that Alice would be able to meet up with me this month, but she's been swamped as well. Maybe in October? The meeting was very interesting we covered Kuler and ConnectNow as well as some templating issues in InDesign.

I almost forgot! Duh! The funniest thing that happened to me today. On the way to the RAUG meeting I thought that I would make use of the travel time to catch up with family. So I got Tim on the phone and was chatting away with him, when suddenly I noticed that I was crossing the Huguenot Bridge. Oops! I was suppose to have turned on to Chippenham Parkway. Talk about a "senior moment", oh well it worked out alright. I picked up the Downtown Expressway off Cary Street and made it back across the river to Artworks in plenty of time. Next month I'm going to have watch where I'm going more closely or else I'll wind up in the West End without even thinking about it.

Thought For the Day: When time are tough and your rope is short, just don't use it to the end, climb back up and start over again. - Tony Bowen

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