Saturday, September 26, 2009

CHHS Band Reunion

back row: Tim Sanders, Judy Parsons Smith, Doug McNamara, Joe Simpkins,
Laura Loper Griggs, Donna Kelsey, Susan Terry Martin
middle row: Alan Blackmon, Jeff Creech, Diana Moon Morris, Tom Griggs, Steve Tuck
front row: Wendy Link Routhier, Joe 'Jose' Brame, Russ Bahorsky

Members of the Joe Simpkins' era Marching Cavaliers gathered together this evening for a march down memory lane. It was a great evening catching up with former band members, and watching a specially produced DVD of the 1980 Band Documentary with Bonus Video" edited and produced by Tom Griggs. It was an amazing evening, recalling fantastic times.

More photos from the band reunion.

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