Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

We had a girls day planned for the day, but that fizzled out pretty quickly today. Elda & Abbey were coming over, but Elda is suffering so from allergies she wasn't up to coming out. Alice & Cassie didn't make it either. Alice is suffering from too much work (home & office) so she was just going to vegetate for the day.

So Mom, Mamaw & I spent the afternoon together. We spent the time chatting and ordered in Chinese for lunch (so no one had to cook). It was a very nice afternoon of catching up on things and generally doing nothing much. Mamaw wasn't very talkative, she was just 'listening' to things.

This morning I received my final assignment grade from my InDesign professor. Yeah! Took the exam and have completed the course with an A. Now on to working on completing my Fundamentals of Typography class. I've been gathering the necessary elements to complete the first assignment and hope to have that finished before the end of the week.

The rain finally arrived here early this afternoon. It looks like it has settled in for a good long visit, until Friday according to NOAA.

Fortune Cookie Wisdom: Your present plans are going to succeed. (Oh boy!!!)

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