Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Year in Review

Last year on my birthday I was sitting in Naples, in our hotel lobby listening to one our tour group members play on a 100-year old mandolin, while drinking Lemoncello that we'd picked up in Capri. It wasn't too many days later that I was vising the Trevi fountain in Rome and throwing my coins in. (They say if you throw in one you will return to Rome, if you throw in 2 you'll find love.) It was a too short trip, yet there are so many memories.

The rest of my year seemed to be just about as eventful. Just after Christmas the Facebook community exploded! It is truly amazing how everyone is getting back together after 30 years or so. The monthly Monday get togethers are turning in quite the events.

In January, Walter (my son) bought a house and I moved in with him at the end of the month. That has been an experience. Construction everywhere for the first three or four months. Then, of course, once they completed the house, trees had to come down. Only 55!! Firewood is still everywhere.

During March and April we took a couple of impromptu trips to the Outer Banks. One was absolutely on a whim on a Saturday afternoon. We ended up in Ocracoke for dinner. What a drive that was. Our second trip was a little more planned and that time we took my mom with us. That trip too turned out to be a real adventure. We even managed to get in the Kenny Loggins concert at Innsbrook.

At the end of the Spring I enrolled at in the Graphic Design Master Certification program. So far classes have been going well. All A's so far. I just really need to get over Typography class.

August brought Brian in from the frozen land of the UP of Michigan. We had quite the turn out for his Welcome Home/Going Away party.

September slipped right back around and has been filled with a flurry of activities. Planning Homecoming events and band reunion in addition to actually working.

All-in-all the year began and ended on a high note. Here's to another terrific year!

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