Friday, September 18, 2009

End Of The Week

It has been a full and frustrating day. It started off fine until I fired up the computer and the display went black. I held my breath and waited, but it didn't recover. I tried rebooting and running things in safe mode, but that didn't work. In fact it threw a couple of new errors. Well, sometimes, a good reboot from Safe Mode works, but not this time. A black screen with various blocks of undefined color scattered in the corners. Yuck!! Of course, the timing could not have been worse. We were working on getting out a book out to the publisher. That has been postponed till Monday now.

I dashed out almost immediately and headed for home. I needed to pick up my CS4 software for installing on another computer. Then on to BestBuy for a new computer. While waiting for a 'geek' in the computer department, I was on the phone with Adobe verifying that the Creative Suite would run on the Windows Vista 64 bit system. Once I found out that it would I was set. Following the basic rule of thumb for computer purchase, get the most RAM, largest hard drive, and fastest processor you can. I have upgraded from my HP Pavillion d9000 to a HP Pavillion dv7.

Once back in the office I delved into the arduous task of setting up a new computer, with all the inital setup steps that you must go through. Once I had that done, well not quite all done. I went ahead and got my Creative Suite installed and was able to get to editing.

I've finally gotten the last of 56 Microsoft updates installed this evening. On top of all the normal Office programs. There are a number more programs that I still have to get done before Monday. But I'm not going to push too hard to get them done this evening.

Dr. Martin and Brian F. took me out to Firebirds for lunch in celebration of my birthday. It was a very nice lunch. While I was out Walter came by the office and fixed the door handle on my car door. Now I can get in and out of the car without rolling down the window.

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