Saturday, November 6, 2010

Urbanna Oyster Festival

I left Walter sleeping at the house on Friday and made a quick trip to the Urbanna Oyster Festival.

The oyster fritters cooked up by the Lions' Club were to die for. YUM!! I even made sure to bring Walt some home. He'd have surely been disappointed to find out that I had gone and he'd missed out on them. I even found him some alligator sausage and jalapeno crab poppers to sample too.

I found these really neat looking things called Hedgeapples.  They will look great in a bowl over the holidays, but turns out that there a lot of different things that can be done with them.  There is even a whole website devoted to them

Walter is even thinking of trying to grow one for the yard....We will see how that goes.

The funniest thing that I saw on my trip was the sign going into Urbanna which said, "Town Closed Friday".  You can go into town just not by car, but it is too funny.

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