Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Battle of the Trash Pile

Feb 17, 2011 - The trash pile is growing.
The neighbors began piling their trash up in a trailer in their backyard just after the first of the year. It is really becoming an "issue". The neighborhood cats are clawing through the bags in search of table scraps. There have even been raccoons in the area before and I'm sure that this collection of stuff would be of interest to them.

The loose trash is now beginning to migrate its way into our yard, either brought over by the cats or the wind. It is just some lovely walking out and finding other people's trash in the yard and next to the house.

I was hoping that Walter talking to the neighbors was going to help, but it turns out was a total waste of time. The owners aren't really interested in doing anything about the mess.
Mar 16, 2011 - The trash is now almost as tall as the truck in the
background.  I'm hoping the the county hops to it and gets this
stuff outta here before the really nice weather gets here.

I've finally resorted to contacting the county, Department of Environmental Health, who knew there was such a thing. They tell me that they will get the situation taken care of, but I'm not seeing any movement. In fact, they were out there this evening adding more to the pile.

With the warm weather fast approaching, this has got to end. I won't be able to open the windows let alone get outside and actually enjoy the yard with the stench that is already beginning to waif this way. Yuck!

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Judy said...

Update on the trash pile situation.

The county has apparently been out to talk with the homeowners, according to un-named sources, and they should be getting rid of the mess on Saturday (3/19).

We shall see. It does seem that there is hope for an unsmelly summer!