Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fun at Best Buy

Turns out that I was woefully misinformed by the guy at the Best Buy (toll-free number) that I spoke with on Thursday morning. The extended warranty had never been transferred over to the television that I purchased after the first one was stolen. Which he told me on Thursday that it had been. FAIL.

While I was waiting in line at the Geek Squad desk I did notice a row of pictures of the employees, just my luck that Chuck wasn't there today or he'd have gotten the situation under control in no time. (lol)

So it took about 45 minutes of messing around with the Geek Squad (who could not have done anything about this at all anyway) and the Customer Service desk. They even had to call the "bridge" to find out how to handle it. The result is -- no warranty and I'll just have to buy another television.

I'll probably go out this evening to look for one. I really am not looking forward to it. Just a big pain. Grrr..

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