Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Hunting We Will Go

I had a wonderful morning, albeit a very early one, with Dad today. We headed out to the middle of no where for him to help judge a dog competition. I thought that it would be good opportunity to get out and get some different types of photos.

We headed out bright and early this morning, at 2 a.m.!!! The temperature was nice for a drive without AC. I never thought that we would ever get there. We twisted this way, turned that way, and a couple of times seemed to be making a circle. We even saw nine deer on the side of the road as we were on the last leg of the journey to our destination.  Thought there for a few minutes we were going to be taking home a deer with us (they were very close to the edge of the road).

It was amazing how long these dog kept at it trying to search out what they were looking for. A few of them reminded me of Bounce, with their ears flapping as they trotted along and their tongues all lolled out seeming to be four times their normal length.

At one time several came trotting along in a line when they were passed by a dog going in the opposite direction - they seemed to question why he was going that way. Then a couple popped out of the woods acting like they had found something, that was until they hit the road. There they had that look of "Where did it go?"

Although we didn't see a whole lot of activity at the corner where we were sitting. I did get some nice pictures of the flowers (aka weeds) and the sunrise.

On our trip back home, Dad spotted a turkey - he even turned around so I could take some photos of it. Finally there were some calves, who came right out to the fence for photos. One even "mooed" at me.

I really enjoyed spending the time with Dad, it is something we haven't done in years.

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