Wednesday, August 8, 2012

SCAM Alert

WARNING: I received a call this evening from a person stating that she was from Feldman Mead and Associates and that they wanted to know if someone was going to be home tomorrow because they were going to be serving papers. I inquired as to who the were looking for, so I could let them know whether they had the right address or not. They asked for "X", and I informed them that the person that they were looking for did not nor had they ever lived at our home.

I was told that my name was on the file associated with this person and that I would need to have them return their call to have my name removed. I reiterated to them that no such person lived or had lived at our home. She asked me to check with other members of the household and have them give the message to "X" so that they could return the call and have my name removed from the file associated with "X".

I told them I would take their name and number, but that we had only had this phone number for a couple of years and had no idea of who had it prior to us.


I did a quick search for Feldman Mead and Associates with the phone number of 866-378-833, and found several sites that have this company listed as a scam.
When you analyze this a whole lot of things about the calls in general just don't add up:
  1. They do not call before serving papers. How dumb would that be?
  2. They called our house line, which generally only gets calls from political committees and pollsters, or just plain old wrong numbers. We just don't use the number for anything at all if someone wants us they know how to reach us. We've only had the house phone for a couple of years - and who know who had it before we did!
  3. I didn't push it, but should have found out what address they were going to try to serve. It would have been interesting to find out if they were actually going to try to serve our house.
  4. They never did ask my name or tell me my name, so I don't know who's name it is that they have associated with that file number they gave me.
With the economy in the state that it is in, I can see why someone may fall for this. Who would want to have their a lawsuit filed against them for whatever the reason. From what I read on the various boards, it appears that this group is just out to scam people out of money - by pressuring them to make a settlement on some alleged past debt.


  • Never volunteer any information to someone that calls you.
  • Check them out.
  • You can always call the local police to check if is a SCAM.

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