Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekend at the Lake

The weekend started early on Friday afternoon. I hopped in the car and head out to the lake for the weekend. The further south I went the cloudier it became, by the time I had arrived at my destination, it was sprinkling rain.  No worries, it was time to relax.

We headed out to a local restaurant for dinner. It was a great evening of food and conversation. A really awesome start of the weekend together.

Saturday morning we were greeted with a downpour early in the morning. I enjoyed listening to the rain hitting the skylight. Very peaceful. With the rain came a drop in temperature. I was sure glad that I had taken jeans with me. Brr.  Of course as the skies cleared the temperature rose to a more seasonable level. We did get down to the dock for a while in the early evening, just long enough to let Borla chase a few balls in the lake and I even saw an Osprey across the lake.

The sun rose Sunday morning shining brightly. The sky was only slightly cloudy and promised us a day of sun and fun. We were able to spend a good portion of the day swimming, hanging out of the dock and riding the jet ski. Borla had a great time retrieving the tennis ball from the lake, over and over again.

I'm just a little sun kissed this evening it should be all good in the morning. The ride home was uneventful, although I don't think I ever make the trip down and back the same way. Some day I maybe able to make it using the same route. All in all it was a great weekend at the weekend with friends.

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