Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

It has been a very busy weekend. I was out and about doing some shopping on Saturday - an activity that I don't do that often. Most times I'd really rather have someone else to do it if possible. But I did find a couple of pair of shoes and a nice dress at Stein Mart.

We ended up finally breaking down and signed Bounce up for Beginner Education classes at Pet Smart. We are truly in need of "professional help" for him. Ever since his ordeal in March, he's been having a few issues. Hopefully eight weeks of class will help us get him straightened out.

Walt's had a bit of trouble with his vehicle, but hopefully the mechanic at Midas will be able to get him all fixed up first thing on Monday. Nothing like working on the car only to have something else go wrong with it that then requires a mechanic to straighten it out. Yuck!

I hopped by Fresh Market, Monday afternoon to pick up a few things and this gentleman was playing out front. He was pretty good too. A nice distraction from the normal noises from the street.

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