Saturday, May 1, 2010

Productive Saturday

Jeff came up this morning from North Carolina on business and he and Walter have been out all morning.

It's been a very productive day. Sean came over this morning to do some yard work for me. he was able to partially remove one of the flower beds. Then using the monkey grass that he was digging up, he created a new bed next to the driveway. It looks so much better! Once it takes hold it is going to be so nice - it will keep the slope next to the ditch from eroding

Baby Robins, by Judy P. SmithA bunch from our 'Gutter' group got together at Glory Days Grill for dinner. We had a great time. It was nice catching up with everyone.

It was funny, while we were having dinner I noticed that there was movement in the holly tree next to the patio. Turned out that there was a nest full of baby Robins. What made it even more remarkable was that last year there had been another nest there as well. (Sarah & I had tried to get some pictures last year - but it had been much later in the evening and the light was horrible.)

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