Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Neighborhood News

A couple of days ago one of the neighbors had their two dogs get out - they dashed through the woods and killed one of the feral cat. Our next door neighbor caught us as we came in this evening to let us know that the dogs had gotten out again and had killed another cat behind our tool shed.

Turns out that the one they got today was a breeding female. Our neighbors plan on fishing out any kittens that maybe under the shed and taking care of them. Better them than me, I don't have that kind of time to devote to that endeavor. I'm having enough trouble dealing with the behavior issue that Bounce has. Good luck to them.

I lost Walt for awhile this evening, when I finally found him he was outside with the next door neighbors and Animal Control. Seems that they are working on getting the dogs owner to take responsibility for their animals. Since these two have been out killing the cats, we have to be extra careful with our dogs.

Dang, just when I was getting comfortable letting them back out in the yard on the lead to play we have this new issue to deal with, and it's not even the neighbors whose dog bit Bounce. Grrr....Just what we needed, more drama on the corner.

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