Saturday, September 4, 2010

Great Start to Fall

We have had one busy and productive day around here today.

Walter brought Sean over to the house first thing this morning. The two of them put in a full day of work in the yard. Sean was busy loading up a trailer with old landscape timbers, brush and felled trees. Walter was out machete in hand clearing out the back property line. He took out an additional 50 trees, granted they weren't very big around but there were sure a lot of them.

While clearing out the corner of the yard, Walter stirred up a Yellow Jackets nest. They swarmed up and gave chase. He and Sean both lit out across the yard. Both of them ended up with at least three stings each. After a brief respite from work and to attend to the stings, the guys got back out to the yard to load up the trailer with additional stuff.

I did get out in the yard with the camera for a bit while they were working.

I grabbed the Talstar and hit the yard. I was able to eradicate the the Yellow Jackets' nest next to the tree that Walter had been falling. Then we found a second nest about 50 feet from the first. Took care of that one as well. I just love insecticides that work promptly!

This evening, Miss Kelly came over to visit and have dinner with us. Walter cooked out on the grill and I roasted up some vegetable. Walter did a great job with the burgers and we had a great time visiting.

September Photos

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