Saturday, September 18, 2010

Birthday Happenings

I had a nice surprise on Wednesday evening, the boss gave me the day off on Thursday (my birthday). I scrambled around to figure something adventuresome to do with the day. I decided to head over to Maymont Park and take a walk through the gardens there to see what was still in bloom or if there were any butterflies, etc. still hanging around. I got a great bunch of shots and had a really nice time.

My Birthday Outing Photos From Maymont Park

Later on in the early afternoon I dropped into the VMFA, I thought that I'd take the opportunity to see the new building and some of the new exhibits. I was disappointed. Many areas were closed for construction/setting up new exhibits and access to the sculpture garden was limited due to landscaping going on.

Then there were the guards. I know it isn't their fault, but they were down right annoying. Walk in a room and they follow you around, and around, and around. It made me feel very uncomfortable. It surely detracted from what I had hoped would be a very nice experience.

To top the day off, I received a surprise delivery of a beautiful live arrangement. What a thoughtful thing for them to do.

Today (Saturday) started off as a rather usual Saturday, that was until we got back from picking Sean up. As the boys started splitting wood in the backyard we noticed that someone had tried to pull one of the screens on the sun room out. Lovely, we hadn't been gone a full hour and this happened. Thankfully they weren't able to get into the house. The dogs were a great deterrent, I'd have hated to come home to find what they would have done to someone who came in uninvited.

Walter did a through check of the house before letting anyone back inside. Nothing was missing, but we did go ahead and report it to the police. Who knows this could a link that helps solve something else down the road. Anyway after the officer left, Walter split wood and Sean and I started filling the woodpile. Somewhere in there Sean got a good portion of the yard mowed too. Looking good for the rest of the weekend.

This evening we had a big birthday bash at Mom & Dad's to celebrate all the family September birthdays. We had a great time together with loads of laughter. What a nice way to end the day.

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Anonymous said...

so glad that all of you are ok and nothing was stolen. Mac's daughter-in-law was robbed last night. Stole her computer and various other items from her car. So glad that she wasnt harmed.