Wednesday, September 1, 2010


As I have said, more than once this year, "Just where has the time gone!" Eight full months of the year already gone and so much has happened and there are oodles of things on the calendar for the remaining four months of the year.

September ushers in a new school year for the nieces and nephews. They all are growing up so fast. Dang the youngest is in 3rd grade this year and the oldest two are in 8th!! They can't be that old already. I suppose that even the granddaughter will be going to school this fall, possibly pre-K? Maybe? As for myself, I need to finish up my Masters Certification program and do some further training at

Sometime before the end of the year I'm going to try to fit in a mini-vacation to somewhere. Now only to figure out the when and where.

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Barack Obama has Jumped the Shark
By Rich Carroll

In Hollywood circles, the death of one’s career is known as “jumping the shark." Happy Days fans will remember the episode when Arthur Fonzarelli jumped the shark. He water-skied, shirtless, and millions of American fans saw for the first time his sunken chest and thin little girl arms. “Fonzie” always hiding behind that cool leather jacket, had shown his weakness; a non-athletic body that resembled an anorexic emphysema patient more than a street tough. His popularity plummeted. Happy Days was now doomed.

Remember the date of Friday, August 13, 2010 as the day President Barack Hussein Obama jumped the shark. From this day forward, he will be remembered as “that guy” who supported an Islamic memorial to 3,000 dead Americans in New York at ground zero. This is the day all suspicions were set-aside and Americans watched (and heard) Obama associate himself more closely with Islam than “we the people.” Any American second-guessing about this guy being a Muslim has been answered once and for all. Like the Fonzie’s missing cool leather jacket, Obama’s cool demeanor was missing when he blatantly endorsed a Mosque at ground zero. He has jumped the shark.

Obama’s political career has ended. Effective August 14, 2010, Obama became a lame duck president. Oh sure his handlers are trying to tell us what we heard was not really what we heard, but even members of his own party are outraged and whispering behind closed doors. Who wants to be endorsed by someone who supports Muslims over mainstream America? What politician in the Democrat party wants to be seen with Obama now?

On Friday August 13, Barack Hussein Obama hosted an iftar dinner in the White House State Dining Room. That’s the meal that breaks the dawn-to-dusk fast for Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan. Not bad for a guy who cannot seem to find a Christian church to attend after two years in office. Over 100 Muslim guests listened to Obama’s strong endorsement of Park 51, the proposed Islamic community center and mosque to be built two blocks from the 911 ground zero terrorist attack that slaughtered 3,000 Americans. Some of the people present have ties to Muslim terrorist groups such as Hamas.

Was Obama pressured by some of these Muslim friends to support this Islamic Mosque de Triomph? Since February of this year, Obama has rewarded Hamas accomplishments with $1.23 billion U.S. taxpayer dollars. Or is this some Alinsky move, intended to heighten contradictions and “rub raw” (in Alinsky’s words) the emotions of the public for yet-to-be revealed purposes?

Obama’s remarks drew a standing ovation from his Muslim guests. His remarks drew bitter criticism from an outraged “We The People of the United States of America.” So, he tiptoed around his words on Saturday, August 14, by lying (recall this tactic from Rules for Radicals) to the American people and saying he did not endorse the construction of this mosque at that site.

Oh? Did he lie to the 100 guests who roared with applause during a standing ovation, or did he lie to the press on a Saturday morning with a “courtesy lie” to the American people? With 70% of the country opposed to building this mosque, Obama’s support also plays into the great liberal narrative, their “noble calling” of their great commission, that they are bucking the odds, standing in the battlements waving the bloody shirt of social justice. In spite of great unwashed ignorant masses. If this sounds like adolescent nonsense, I have just described a Progressive.

Before they race to their computers to call us Tea Partiers “prejudice, racist, or bigots" - that dog don’t hunt anymore! Whatever “cats” Obama had in his secret bag have been let-out. Defending the construction of an Islamic mosque at ground zero pretty much cemented his hatred towards Americans and this nation. Remember, the quote from his book, “Dreams of My Father” on page 261 he told us “If the political winds shift in an ugly direction I will side with the Muslims.”

And he has. He wasn’t lying, so neither should you. This foreigner in our White House is a Muslim, born in a Muslim country, given a Sunni Muslim name and his allegiance rests with his Islamic brothers who have vowed to kill us all.

Parallels of Abraham Lincoln and B. H. Obama

I'm sure most of us have read the so-called comparison of Lincoln and Kennedy, but did you ever consider the relationship between Obama and Lincoln? You might be surprised.
  1. Lincoln placed his hand on the Bible for his inauguration. Obama used the same Bible.
  2. Lincoln came from Illinois . Obama comes from Illinois.
  3. Lincoln served in the Illinois Legislature. Obama served in the Illinois Legislature.
  4. Lincoln had very little experience before becoming President. Obama had very little experience before becoming President. 
  5. Lincoln rode the train from Philadelphia to Washington for his inauguration. Obama rode the train from Philadelphia to Washington for his inauguration. 
  6. Lincoln was a skinny lawyer. Obama is a skinny lawyer. 
  7. Lincoln was a Republican. Obama is a skinny lawyer. 
  8. Lincoln was in the United States military. Obama is a skinny lawyer.
  9. Lincoln believed in everyone carrying their own weight. Obama is a skinny lawyer. 
  10. Lincoln did not waste taxpayers' money on personal enjoyments. Obama is a skinny lawyer. 
  11. Lincoln was highly respected. Obama is a skinny lawyer. 
  12. Lincoln was born in the United States. Obama is a skinny lawyer. 
  13. Lincoln was honest, so honest he was called Honest Abe. Obama is a skinny lawyer. 
  14. Lincoln saved the United States. Obama is a skinny lawyer.

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