Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Problem with Cats

I love sitting outside, but the darn feral cats are driving me crazy. Not so much there being around, but they are absolutely tormenting Bounce. No matter where he is there is one lurking just at the edge of the yard or on the woodpile. Clearing out the back of the yard of underbrush and trees can only help - taking away the ground cover that they have been hiding under. I surely do wish that I could put 'blinders' on Bounce so that he couldn't see them. At least then he/we could get some peace.

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Judy said...

Darn neighbor's dogs. Can't even let my own dogs out in our yard for theirs coming over here and harassing them. It is making me crazy. They need to be able go out and hang out in the yard, yet we have to deal with other people's dog too!!!