Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Postal Irritation

I got an ugly surprise from the postal service this afternoon, they brought back about 40 packages that I mailed out yesterday telling me that I hadn't put enough postage on them. I had weighed them on the postage meter and made sure that they fit through the postal services own template. Photographic proof that they fit!!!

So how does that work!? It's just extremely irritating to do the job (supposedly according to their specs) and have it come back.

Grr....there are days that I think that they just aren't interested in either sorting the mail or processing it so they send it back.

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Judy said...

The battle with the postal service continues. I spoke with our mailman this morning and he informed me that he has no control over them sending back any pieces of mail. Apparently they are installing sorting machines to handle larger pieces of mail and they are pushing to have those pieces meet the automation requirements, which these pieces do meet according to the template which we have. So his solution is for us to take one of the returned pieces and the template to the station and have them explain why it was returned. Thus the saga continues.