Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thwarted at Every Turn

"Thwarted at every turn", could have been the theme for what was going to be a quick run downtown to Bottoms Up Pizza to pick up pizza for lunch. The trip down was uneventful and took no time, but the trip back was another story all together.

We hopped on the Downtown Expressway heading out of the city to only be blocked as we headed for the Powhite by road repairs (rolling pothole repairs). The maintenance was so much the problem, but the State Trooper blocking the only other available lane was. Man crawling along at 10 mph isn't very productive when the speed limit is 55 mph.

Finally making through the toll plaza we got off onto Jahnke Road to avoid Midlothian and ran into another round of construction this time it was Dominion Power blocking the road.

After successfully navigating past the Dominion Power blockage we finally made it to Forest Hill & Huguenot all ready to make the turn for the office. When in the distance there are flashing lights. And what we thought was an accident turned out to be a funeral procession heading our way. We had our fingers crossed but the light was not in our favor. The turn lane stayed red with the changing of the light and then we were stuck for another cycle of the light.

Then to top it all off when I finally started off for home this evening this is what greeted me! So much for my usual quick trip back home.

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