Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Thought for the Day

Have you ever contemplated the parade of people that pass through your life? Who they are and what impact that they have made upon your life?

If you really start to think about the list of grows on a daily basis, whether it is a new co-worker, the person in a checkout line with you, or someone you just happened to speak with on the phone. How many of them are you leaving better off for having come in contact with you? Is their day any better or worse from their encounter with you? It is possible that you are the only person that has spoken nicely to them today, or even this week? Who's life have you touched in a positive way today?

In hindsight, thinking back over those that have influenced our lives - just how many did so in just some small way that turned out to have been huge? How many even know that they ever made a difference to you? If someone makes your day, let them know and be sure to pass it on.

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