Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Waiting and Waiting

Well my Motorola Android phone kept dropping calls, and dropping calls. So I finally made the call to Verizon tech support to get a resolution, this only after I had already attempted to do all the standard corrective measures (updating towers; software; and re-seating the battery).

It turns out that there is a "known" issue with the phone and they are all set to ship out a replacement one to the house. Which is a problem, since they need my signature - they didn't tell me that they needed a signature until I asked when it was being delivered. Then they told me they needed the signature- at which point I told them they needed to deliver it to the office instead. Which turned out to be a big issue, since she had already gotten the order out. So here I've sat for about 45 minutes waiting for the tech support to get hold of the right person so that we can change the delivery address.

My patience is truly wearing thin.

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